Thursday, 13 March 2008

First House built, work in progress will continue

You were over 1,000 to participate in the project over the course of the week!

Members of the public dropped by and ended up rolling sticks with our team in the afternoons, others dropped newspapers for us, youth groups and friends, made during the course of the project, stayed and helped us reach Sumer Erek's target.

The unveiling was very well attended. The House, a work in progress, is 2/3rd completed!

Next? Another location! Another settlement and more opportunities to engage and strengthen ties with people around issues that touch us all.

Congratulations to all for the Newspaper House was a success on all levels, and an amazing piece of work by Sumer Erek, Creative City and a dedicated team.

To find out how to get involved or receive our info / mailing list, send an to email:
Producer Karen Janody karen[@]

Photographs to follow by Ruth Gardiner & George Torode. Do not use without permission.

Ruth Gardiner

Ruth Gardiner

Ruth Gardiner

Ruth Gardiner

Ruth Gardiner

Ruth Gardiner

Ruth Gardiner

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

George Torode

Monday, 10 March 2008



a Guardian Media podcast.

Directed by Gillian McIver, assisted by Christina Zaris and Rozy Sarkis. Edited by Karen Janody & Gillian McIver. Narration by Aisling Leyne.

and ...

the paper planet

Sunday, 9 March 2008

a contemplation

and it started with this...

unvalued, unwanted, discarded without thought, not even recycled...


photo: Nazir Tanbouli

The Newspaper House revealed

Photos: Nazir Tanbouli

Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Newspaper House - First View!

photographs by George Torode

paper rolls
above, Jo Beechy, of the Newspaper House team and participatory workshop facilitator


A work of art ...
made from your waste...
... a transformative process of revaluing

The House open to the public

photos Gillian McIver for Creative City

Friday, 7 March 2008

New Photos

Sumer Erek, by George Torode

the shell, in the square. Work going on inside!

Images By photographer George Torode, with permission.
Please do not use these photos without express permission from the photographer or from Creative City

Today on the Square

photo: Tuba Altunkaya

The Newspaper House is being built INSIDE this shell

photos Gillian McIver

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

On the Square

Today on the Square... Sumer receives newspapers from everyone!

And again, it's the teamwork that gets things done....

Metronet Delivers!

London, 4 March 2008: Metronet Rail, responsible for maintaining and upgrading two-thirds of London’s Underground, today urged Tube passengers to take their newspapers home and recycle them.

Some 6,500 tonnes of litter is cleared by Metronet each year, most of it paper waste. Only half of this can be sent for hand-sorting and recycling although Metronet, under a new initiative, has been able to separate another 21 tonnes a week for recycling with a special clean-up operation at 22 stations around the network.
Now Metronet has delivered two tonnes of the Tube’s rubbish to a public art project that from today builds a house of newspapers in order to highlight the environmental impact of yesterday’s news.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

The House has Arrived

A beautiful morning [top pic]

Today the shell of Sumer Erek's Newspaper House was put up at Gillett Square.

Our staunch team of volunteers, including building design company Nature2Art were there. While Sumer Erek and his team assembled the structure, the rest continued to make "sticks" to act as bricks for the interior -- which will start tomorrow!

Although we were't technically "open yet, we started to get members of the public joining in the fun already
[bottom pic].