Monday, 7 April 2008

Newspaper House press

Most recent!

Amazing BBC coverage...It was shown on the TV news on Sunday March 9th BBC News

The video podcasts are attached to the Guardian articles Guardian Society on 16 Jan 2008, Guardian Arts Diary of 27 Feb 2008 & Guardian Environment of 10 March 2008;

& on the Building Design article of 29 Feb 2008

Two times in the Metro on 5 March 08 and 10 March 08.

Time Out 'Critics' Choice' on 28 Feb 2008

A-N Magazine

Big Issue on 3 Mar 2008

Evening Standard on 31 Jan 08

The prestigious National Geographic online magazine posted this image with a short review.

The Newspaper House was featured twice in Hackney Today, once on 28 Jan, and 30 March 08

The Reuters article that sent the House on a worldwide tour on 29 Feb 2008

and Europe 1 France's n.1 radio broadcasted the Newspaper House on 3 March 2008

A feature in Planning Resource on 7 March 2008

Channel 4's Big Art Mob

A good article in Icon Eye is accompanied by a podcast of Sumer Erek explaining the artistic concept and reasons behind the Newspaper House.

The Telegraph's the Week in picture Week in Picture

London Lite on 24 Jan 2008

Newspaper House in France, on page 9 of Neo Planet in France

Newspaper House in Brazil, Revista V!

Newspaper House in China

Newspaper House in the USA

Newspaper House on Turkish Daily News 11 Feb 2008

Apparently, an article was published in Greece, so we expect many more worldwide that we cannot chase.

An article is Tree Hugger followed by comments

All in London

A write-up in Hold The Front Page

Photographs on This Is Local London

Art Now Online

& so many blogs, to name but a few, Archinect, Tree-Nation, PSFK, British Blogs, Superuse,Londonalive, Crooked Brains, & London Daily Photo scrawl down and The Paper Planet.

Cate Gillon / Getty Images tooks some photographs on a daily basis on Gillett Square. Here are two of her early ones at St Barnabas Cate Gillon's

Londonalive has quite a lot of shots too, some of which are interesting details of Sumer's work!

As you know, the Newspaper House was closely linked with Metronet Rail, who donated 2 tons of newspapers to the project and Project Freesheet, which donated 10,000 newspapers to the House, collected while demonstrating against the excess waste in London.


Anonymous said...

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Marina Karvouni said...

a greek newspaper called "TA NEA" ("THE NEWS")has also written about your project last April but I'm afraid I don't remember the exact date.

keep up the good work!!!

Marina Karvouni said...

a greek newspaper called "TA NEA" ("THE NEWS")has also written about your project last April but I'm afraid I don't remember the exact date.

keep up the good work!!!

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